Farao threatened to kick me

I was 15 when one day I arrived at the riding school and a young black horse named Farao was standing in one of the boxes. He was beautiful, but there were quite some problems: Farao didn’t like to be touched and he didn’t let himself be haltered without trying to kick you first.

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Pure presence with horses

Pure presence with horses Whenever I leave my house because I need to travel, I always say goodbye to my horses, no matter how short my travel will be. So the evening before

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Lila plays the “Chase Game”

When we think about playing horses, we often see the image of young frolicking horses running behind each other in the meadow, bucking and playing dominance games. That’s right, of course, young horses play..

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Is your horse Shutting himself off?

Some horses have difficulties opening themselves up to their owner. They don’t feel safe enough. Or they feel uncertain. Sometimes they have fear, fear of humans or fear of what is to come. Some horses even..

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Do horses like groundwork training?

When you see all the problems in horse training and the so-called “problematic” horses, you might be under the impression that horses really don’t like to be trained, also not in groundwork. It could make you think..

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