July 15th,  2022

By Karine Vandenborre

Liberty Connection Training: 6 tips

1. Connect with your breath regularly

Horses are attracted to people who are calm and centered.  Bringing your awareness to your breath is the simplest way to (re)connect with yourself.  It's free, it's simple and it's effective! Even only giving attention to your breath will already make you feel calmer and more grounded (you can also do breathing exercises).

2. Keep the sessions short & sweet

You can do Bonding Time as much and as long as you wish, but with the other exercises it's best to keep it short. For example: do some Easy Herding for 2 minutes and then go back to Bonding Time. Then you do something else for a few minutes. How to choose what to do? Well, it all depends on your horse, yourself, the situation, and the energy of the moment.

Liberty Training is about communication. You can never know in advance how the session will evolve. The longer you do Horsefulness Liberty Connection Training, the more natural it will feel. Then no need to "think" anymore, the communication with your horse will "flow".

3. Drop your shoulders when using driving aids

But also with everything else you do. A lot of people tend to pull the shoulders up (sometimes only a tiny little bit), that shows there is build up tension in the body. Use the "Softness Response" to release tension.

If you move without tension, your movements will be smoother, easier and more beautiful. If you move like that, your horse will be able to soften his body as well, resulting in smoother, easier and more beautiful movements as well

4. Communicate with mini-movements

Try to be as subtle as possible, horses react on things like looking away, dropping your head a bit, relaxing your belly, leaning a bit more on one foot, etc...

5. Forget your "trainer mode"

Horsefulness Liberty Connection Training is all about communication. We don't "teach" the horse something, we don't do tricks or join-ups. The horse already knows how to connect en communicate.

6. Always start & end with Bonding Time

Bonding Time is the foundation of the foundation. You can never do to much of it!


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