June 1st,  2022

By Karine Vandenborre

Are you a horse owner? These 5 things are of major importance!

I recently had a conversation with a new student.  This new student - my guess is he was about 50 years old - came to me because he had a few problems with his 14-year-old mare: biting him when he wants to saddle her,  pushing him against the wall when he wants to clean her hoofs, pulling on the rope when she sees grass.   

In the first 5 minutes of our introductory talk, this student said this to me:
"Listen, I’m not interested in doing liberty or groundwork.  I bought this horse to enjoy dressage and trail riding.  I don’t want to spend my time being on the ground with her doing all kind of…. euh…. stuff on a rope. That’s why I’m here, for you to do it and solve the issues right now”.

Euh… I don’t think so, Mister Quick-Fix!

Here's the thing:

Training horses is my passion, so I would love to help this man and his horse, I would also love to be able to solve their issues in this one session and I would love even more to meet a horse that understands everything and is happy to do anything you ask after only one training session.  

However, that’s not gonna happen, because with horses its more complicated than that. Horses need time + their trainer needs time.

In my opinion, as a horse owner, there are  5 things of major importance

Gaining knowledge and insight Gaining knowledge and insight
Knowing the what, why and when of the training.
Being demonstrated how to do all those things
Practise with your horse.
Having someone to help you if you have questions or doubts

My role, as the instructor and trainer, is this:

Sharing all my knowledge, experience and insights about how horses interact and react, herd dynamics, horse communication and horse health, so you can start seeing things from the horse’s perspective.
Explaining the what, why and when, for example: what is liberty connection training, and why do you do it? When do you start with groundwork? How do you know your horse is ready to start double long lining?  Etc…
Demonstrating everything, so you see with your own eyes how you can be with your horse and train your horse in a mindful, logical and respectful way.
Motivating you to practise with your horse, so you can develop yourself as the best possible trainer for your horse.
Answering questions, giving tips and advice, and coaching you and your horse in whatever you need my help.
You see, “Quick fixes” are not my kind of thing.

You see, “Quick fixes” are not my kind of thing.

That’s one of the reasons I developed my online programs.  In those online programs, I made sure that all 10 of the above points are covered.

So if you’re not like Mister Quick-Fix, and you want to get the best help possible for you and your horse, then it might be a good idea to check out my online programs.

With love,
🎔 Karine

PS 1: The Liberty Connection Program is also available in Dutch (Nederlands). If you're from Belgium or the Netherlands, you can join the In Connectie met je Paard Programma.

PS 2: in case you want to combine 2 courses, e-mail us for an additional discount.