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Many horsewomen struggle with their horse in one way or another. Chances are, you do too. You feel unsure and frustrated. In your quest for a solution, you're likely overcomplicating things.

I can show you a simpler way — a path to natural connection, meaningful communication, and more joy with your horse. But also, mindful and successful training, and greater fulfillment in your horsewoman life.

Let me guide you

My name is Karine Vandenborre

Your Horsefulness Training Coach

I’m a professional horse trainer and instructor and expert in relational and training problems between horses & humans.

Since I started working with horses professionally when I was 18 (in 1995), I have immersed myself in the behavior of horses and how to communicate with them so that they understand, trust and respect you.

I am known for my horse-friendly handling and training of traumatized horses that have lost their faith in people and because of that exhibit extremely fearful or defensive behavior.

I work with these horses at liberty, and in this way, I give back their self-esteem, self-confidence and trust in humans.

Featured in:

the whole horse podcast
the whole horse podcast
the equine voice international horse summit

Blaze and I are making great progress. Our relationship is better than ever, and we are enjoying the Liberty journey. I am so grateful to have found this, it was exactly what we needed! Incidentally, I was recently invited to observe a clinic that made me even more grateful, as the clinic was about “Forcefulness”, definitely not Horsefulness! It’s sad to me that dominance and fear-based training are still popular, but I do know many compassionate horse owners and I hope to be a positive influence.

Cheryl Rowe - USA

Dear Karine, thank you for all your support which is a big win for me and for thousands of people and horses. It's the answer to the disorientation and all the questionable dogmas which still rule the horse world. It shows a new, silent, harmonic and deeply fulfilling way to become aware of that what is really important in the relationship with our horse partners. It just makes THE difference.  I am so grateful for all the insights it gave and still gives me.  Thank you so much!

Bettina Hersberger - Switzerland

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So, let's embark on a journey of inspiration, motivation, and inspiraton, all while deepening the connection with your horse.

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