July 20th,  2022

By Karine Vandenborre

Do you hope to have a better relationship with your horse?

During my last webinar, a participant said in the chat: "I hope to have a better relationship with my horse".

My answer was: "Don't hope! Just work on it. Then you WILL have a better relationship with your horse!".

It's funny sometimes how horse owners doubt the fact that they can improve their relationship with their horse. I've worked with horses that attacked, were completely shut down, were traumatized severely, and didn't trust anybody, ...

However, there was not one horse - I repeat: not one horse! - that didn't improve when it came to trusting me or their owner and forming a bond with a human.

Do you know why?

Because horses are social animals,  they are herd animals.

Every cell of their body is hard-wired to connect, to trust, and to bond with another horse or another being that also wants to bond with them.

Therefore, never say: I "hope" to have a better relationship.

No, just KNOW that you WILL have a better relationship, how bad the relationship with your horse might be right now.
There are simple yet very powerful things you can do, to build a strong and meaningful relationship with EVERY horse.

Also with your horse!

Don't hesitate to reach out, if you need my help.


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