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Remaining calm and patient when training your horse

“You always remain so calm and patient when working with horses, also in challenging situations. How do you do that?” The answer is very simple: I just know that things will get better and a solution is on its way. This will be within 5 minutes, the next day, within the next week, or within a few months.

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Every day in your (horse) life is valuable

We should let go of the idea that everything and every moment (or training with our horse) should be a happy, joyful, or successful moment. When that would be the case, we would not learn a lot, and we would less appreciate the good moments.

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Your challenging horse helps you grow

Some days, some situations, and some experiences can be difficult... You might wonder how you will cope with it, or if you will be able to solve the problem you're facing. This is also the case when it comes to horses and training horses...

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She was a “big deal”

Big Deal was a horse at the stable in Portugal where I worked 20 years ago when I was 23-24 years old. I moved to Portugal in 2001 to work for a riding stable to teach riding classes, and train horses in dressage and trail riding. The day I arrived at the stables ...

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My first own horse Niki

My first own horse was Niki. She was 12 when she was given to me by an acquaintance. She was sweet and willing, but very energetic and quickly stressed. She also couldn’t stand still easily.

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Farao threatened to kick me

I was 15 when one day I arrived at the riding school and a young black horse named Farao was standing in one of the boxes. He was beautiful, but there were quite some problems: Farao didn’t like to be touched and he didn’t let himself be haltered without trying to kick you first.

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Is your horse Shutting himself off?

Some horses have difficulties opening themselves up to their owner. They don’t feel safe enough. Or they feel uncertain. Sometimes they have fear, fear of humans or fear of what is to come. Some horses even..

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9 horsemanship quotes to think about

Quotes by well-known (and less well-known) horse trainers can be very inspiring. That is why I want to share these 9 inspiring horsemanship quotes and lessons for you to think about and learn from! “Whatever a..

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7 tips for natural leadership!

When you are together with your horse, during the daily interactions or during training you can talk about a “herd of 2” and just like in a real herd someone has to take the lead…. So it’s important that, when..

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