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You can also have a connected, confident and balanced horse

  • Your horse is being intrusive, shows dominant or defensive behaviour like biting or kicking. You know that this really needs to be solved, but your question is: “How? How can I solve this in a respectful and horse-friendly manner?”
  • You’ve already done so much to help your horse, but your horse remains fearful, shut down, nervous or unconfident. You want to find a way to help your horse so he can find true happiness in his life again and can enjoy his time with you.
  • When you’re training your horse on the ground or in the saddle you have to work hard, but your horse almost doesn’t react to your aids or he reacts completely differently than what you are asking. Some people say he’s “stubborn” and you should handle him firmer and tell him who’s boss, but that just gives the opposite result…
  • You’ve heard about “lightness” and “balance” during riding, but what you experience now is quite the opposite…

Do you experience this kind of problems with your horse? Then read on!

Frustration and not knowing what to do.

No need to say that the above problems can make you feel sad, insecure, frustrated, or even irritated and angry. You’ve so many things and now you don’t know what to do anymore…  Maybe the thought of selling your horse has even crossed your mind…

Let me tell you that it shouldn’t be that way. We all have horses because we love them. If you’re into horses, that’s a ‘microbe’ you have for life. It just can’t be right that something you are so passionate about gives you anxiety and worries. Being with and training your horse should be fun and relaxing.

In all the years that I have been working as a horse trainer and instructor I have discovered that every horse can be connected, confident and balanced on the ground as well as in the saddle, even horses that were labeled as “most difficult”.  Being with your horse and training your horse can be something to look forward to again! And I can help you with that.



My name is Karine Vandenborre (1977) and I live in Belgium.

I’m a professional horse trainer and instructor and expert in relational and training problems between horses & humans.

Since I started working with horses professionally when I was 18, I have immersed myself in the behavior of horses and how to communicate with them so that they understand, trust and respect you.

I am known for my horse-friendly handling and training of traumatized horses that have lost their faith in people and because of that exhibit extremely fearful or defensive behavior. I work with these horses at liberty and in this way, I give them back their self-esteem, self-confidence and trust in humans.


half-pass-trotIn 2005, I also began studies about equine biomechanics and have since specialized in bitless riding.

The Horsefulness Training System was derived from years of study in many different schools and systems of training and riding, both classical and more “natural”, but especially out of everyday practice. It is a very effective and dynamic way of training horses on the ground and in the saddle, but above all it is exceptionally horse-friendly. Everything happens with the utmost respect for the horse (ie. without force and without punishment).

It is my mission to help people be in harmony with their horse and to make sure that every horse gets what it deserves: a healthy and happy life — a life in which they are understood, trained respectfully, can find inner peace in the human world and can even have fun with “their human”.

Because of this, I want to share as much information on this website as possible with you so that you can learn and discover what Horsefulness Training is all about and how it can help you and your horse connect and harmonize at liberty, in groundwork, and during riding!

If you haven’t done so yet, you can get started with one (or all) of the free resources I offer. Click here to find out more.

Or, if you’re looking for an in depth online course about Liberty Training or Groundwork, be sure to check out the online courses of Horsefulness Training.


For many years I wrote articles and answered readers’ questions for CAP, one of Belgium and The Netherlands’ largest Horse magazines.


horse magazine CAP





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3 thoughts on “About Karine

By julie harrell on 10 November 2015

It’s so wonderful to read your ebook and see that what I intuitively do with my horses is so widely accepted in the “liberty” world. Thank you for sharing this vital information. Our horses bring us closer to our Creator. Jules

By Vee on 4 December 2017

Hi Jules. My mare’s name is Jules, but that’s not why I’m responding. It’s because like you, I have recognized my own style of training in Karine’s blog and videos. This is exactly the kind of systematic approach I was already building, but it is enriched by Karine’s experience and gentility. Best of going for you!!

By Elizabeth Spreadbury on 15 July 2017

Just reading and taking notes, I’ve learned such a lot. Eager to begin. I’ve downloaded your two ebooks. Thank you so much. Elizabeth Iowa , USA

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