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A podcast Made for Open minded and Mindful horse Lovers
by Karine Vandenborre

This is the Horsefulness Training Podcast brought to you by Karine Vandenborre, Founder of Horsefulness Training.

Learn more about connecting with horses in the most natural way and how to train mindfully and respectfully.

What we talk about on the podcast...

Liberty Connection

Connecting with horses in liberty, bonding naturally, body language and meaningful communication, untraining, ...

Mindful Groundwork

Training your horse on the ground in a mindful, logical and horse-friendly way.

Gymnastic Groundwork

Gymnastisizing your horse on the ground, through natural movement exercises for horses, work in hand and lunging.

Connective Riding

Riding in Connection and with Mindfulness, so you develop yourself into a rider your horse doés like to carry.

Your development as a mindful horse trainer

Breath and body awareness, mindfulness, energy, developing more feel, intuitive communication, ...

Horsefulness Training podcast about liberty and groundwork with horses

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