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Become a professional Horsefulness Training Coach

I was 13 and rode a horse for the very first time. I was immediately hooked and from that moment on I could only think of horses, horses, and more horses. Very soon I knew that I wanted to devote my whole life to them, there was no doubt about that. Only, my environment would not go along with it...

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What is a Connection Circle?

A Connection Circle is a live online workshop that has a specific subject, with a duration of 2 to 4 hours . At the start, we come together online, I get you all set up, and give you the instructions for the first exercise.

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Joey’s traumatic experience as a foal

Joey was about 4 months old when he was taken from his mother in a brutal and aggressive way. Three strong men cornered him to grab him, then they forced him to go on a trailer without his mother while screaming at him and hitting him with a whip.

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Clinic at New Barn Stables, UK

What a wonderful 3 day clinic it was at New Barn Stables, Kent (UK)  from the 11th till the 13th of November. I enjoyed to coach and teach all those wonderful horses and open minded participants who were really eager..

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Sati Yoga & Horsefulness Training

From the 31th of March until the 4th of April Christophe Mouze, Ciara Cullen and I were teaching the workshop “Connecting with horses through Sati Yoga & Horsefulness Training” on Clare Island, an..

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