March 8th,  2022

By Karine Vandenborre

Mares are less reliable, oversensitive,
fickle, and aloof

Today is International Women's Day. And that is necessary. Because worldwide women still receive less or worse education, violence against women is higher than against men, women are still paid less for their job, etc.

I was reading about this topic and suddenly I thought: "Hey, also for the female horses, this actually applies a bit."
Mares are also still seen as "inferior" by some horse people.

Often, people with a very expensive horse say: “My horse is a son - or daughter- of ...  And they give the name of the father, the stallion.

When I ask who the mother is, they usually can't answer. While the mother is just as important, isn't she?

Or people ask me if I know of a good horse for sale, but preferably a gelding because they don't like that typical mare behavior…

So mares are sometimes still misunderstood. They would be less reliable, oversensitive, fickle, and aloof.

But mares don't deserve that stamp, because just like any other horse, a mare can also be gentle, reliable, stable, and affectionate.

Just like any other gelding or stallion, you can build a strong connection with your mare, so she is easy to handle and train.

You can learn that in my online Horsefulness Liberty Connection Program. In this program you see me communicating and connecting in liberty with my mares and you learn how you can do the same with your mare.

Five of my 6 own horses were (and are) mares. Apparently, in one way or another, I am especially attracted to mares . Each of my mares had/has a different character, and it is and remains important to deal with each of those characters and associated sensitivities in the right way.

By the way, today there's a discount on the Liberty Connection Program, because every woman and every mare deserves something extra on International Women's Day

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With love, and have a great International Women's Day