March 23rd,  2022

By Karine Vandenborre

Rebecca:  "Bonding Time was a real

When I advise people to spend time on Bonding Time with their horse, the answer is sometimes: "I already spend undemanding time with my horse in the field, so I know how it works, and I know how to do it". 

However, I know from experience that a lot of those people only know about 10% of what I know and what I teach my students about spending undemanding time with horses. 

I call this "Bonding Time" and Bonding Time is so much more than "spending undemanding time" with horses.
It's about energy, about mindset, about horse communication, about intention, about mindfulness, ...

Rebecca is one of my students who followed many horsemanship methods and already spent a lot of undemanding time with her horse.
However, she was eager to learn more and she discovered that "Bonding Time" the way I thaught her, deepened the connection with her horse even more.

So also if you spend much time with your horse, sitting in the field, or paddock, you can be sure that this Saturday's Connection Circle about Bonding Time will give you a lot of new knowledge and insights.
Maybe it will even be a real eye-opener, like it was for Rebecca. 

This is the page where you find out more about the upcoming Connection Circle about Bonding Time and where you can register:

With love,
🎔 Karine

Ps: Can't make it live or want to review the workshop? No problem! A recording will be availble to everyone who signs up for this Connection Circle. This recording stays online, and you can also ask your questions on the replay