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Liberty Connection Training: 6 tips

Tip #1 - Horses are attracted to people who are calm and centered. Bringing your awareness to your breath is the simplest way to (re)connect with yourself. It's free, it's simple and it's effective! Even only giving attention to your breath will already make ...

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Pure presence with horses

Pure presence with horsesWhenever I leave my house because I need to travel, I always say goodbye to my horses, no matter how short my travel will be. So the evening before

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Lila plays the “Chase Game”

When we think about playing horses, we often see the image of young frolicking horses running behind each other in the meadow, bucking and playing dominance games. That’s right, of course, young horses play..

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An enthusiastic greeting

Latte is the 13 year old mare of Diana, from the UK. Diane is a member of the Horsefulness Liberty Training Program. Diane posted the video and comment below in the Members Facebook Group. “I just wanted to..

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Video: Walking together in Liberty

Two of my horses, Niki and Joy (both aged mares) are currently staying in a new meadow on the side of a nature reserve. It’s just wonderful there! I go to see them every day to spend some time with them. On..

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Karine and Napo playing at Liberty

In this video you see Karine and Napo playing at Liberty.  Liberty horse training is the foundation of Horsefulness Training.  It’s about creating a true connection with your horse that is based on clear..

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Spontaneous Circling

January 9th,  2014By Karine Vandenborre Spontaneous Circling Connection Exercise #7, Spontaneous Circling, requires a strong connection with your horse that you can obtain by doing the first 6 connection exercises.If it happens spontaneously,

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The Boomerang

January 9th,  2014By Karine Vandenborre The Boomerang The eigth and last connection exercise is called “The Boomerang”.  This is an active exercise, in which we invite the horse to run and play along

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Liberty Leading

January 7th,  2014By Karine Vandenborre Liberty Leading Liberty Leading is the sixth connection exercise. Liberty Leading can happen spontaneously, but you can also invite your horse to follow you into Liberty Leading.When

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Easy Herding

January 6th,  2014By Karine VandenborreEasy HerdingDuring the fifth connection exercise, also known as “Easy Herding,” you create a deep herd feeling with your horse while working on body language and

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Your Spot, My Spot

January 5th,  2014By Karine Vandenborre Your Spot, My Spot The fourth connection exercise is called “Your Spot, My Spot”. In this exercise we take the spot where the horse is standing. You basically

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Greet & Groom

January 4th,  2014By Karine Vandenborre Greet & Groom The third connection exercise is the exercise “Greet & Groom”.Horses who are best friends regularly scratch and rub each other with teeth and lips. Research

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Greet & Go

January 3rd,  2014By Karine VandenborreGreet & Go When you have spent enough time on the first connection exercise Bonding Time, it’s time to start with the second connection exercise “Greet &

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Bonding Time

January 2nd,  2014By Karine VandenborreBonding TimeConnection exercise 1, “Bonding Time”, is the most important liberty horse training exercise to do with your horse.Most people give too little attention on this

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