July 31st,  2022

By Karine Vandenborre

Remaining calm and patient when training your horse.

“You always remain so calm and patient when working with horses, also in challenging situations. How do you do that?”

The answer is very simple: I just know that things will get better and a solution is on its way. This will be within 5 minutes, the next day, within the next week, or within a few months.

Therefore I feel self-confident: there always comes this moment where the horse understands, or the moment where the horse overcomes his fear, where the horse starts to cooperate and thinks with you, where you have an "aha-moment", where you discover how to do it differently and better, ...

Self-confidence is gained by experience and knowledge. So studying and learning a lot about horses, but most of all: practicing as much as you can.

The reason why people lose their patience is that they don’t know what to do at one point and that makes them frustrated.

They only see the difficulties and no solutions. They don’t have an overview, they don’t know what is the next step to take, or they doubt about it.

Fear of failure and uncertainty causes impatience.

If you have self-confidence and trust that there will be a breakthrough sooner or later, you will have patience!