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Groundwork training with horses: 5 tips

Tip #1 - When a horse doesn't feel a connection with you, when the relationship is not strong, it will be harder/more difficult to train your horse in groundwork. It's logical: the more trust, the deeper the connection, the more your horse will be willing to do things together with you.

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Your sensitivity, softness & sweetness is your power

"I'm very emotional, and my horse feels that. How can I be less emotional?" "I'm too sensitive and soft to be able to train my horse well. How can I be more firm? " "Whenever I'm stressed I start to cry. And this also happens when I'm with my horse. I don't want my horse to think I'm weak."

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10 fun exercises with a tarpaulin on the ground

1️⃣ Leading your horse over it in the lead position, the partner position, and the drive position in walk and trot. 2️⃣ Circling your horse over the tarpaulin in walk, trot, and canter. 3️⃣ Asking your horse to halt and then back up on the tarpaulin.

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This is key when asking your horse for distance

When leading your horse, regularly ask him to stay out of your personal space = min 3 to 4 meters distance. When you lead your horse at a distance, you are leading your horse from the "lead position". Be calm and polite when you ask for more distance. But there's also something else that is important, and that is:

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Do horses like groundwork training?

When you see all the problems in horse training and the so-called “problematic” horses, you might be under the impression that horses really don’t like to be trained, also not in groundwork. It could make you think..

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Leading your horse or being led?

Leading is a very important exercise in Horsefulness Training. Whoever can’t successfully lead their horse will also encounter problems with their horse in other areas. That’s why this is the most important basic..

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Groundwork : the 5 basic exercises

Groundwork: the 5 basic exercises The second training component of Horsefulness Training is Groundwork (Liberty Connection Training is the first training component).  Groundwork consists of exercises that you do with your

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Lead exercises

Lead Exercises Leading is a Basis Groundwork exercise. Horsefulness Training distinguishes 3 types of lead exercises. First, you have leading from the lead position. Second, you have leading from the partner position.

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