June 7th,  2022

By Karine Vandenborre

Connect With Yourself First

If you’re not connected to yourself, your horse will also be less connected to you, and thus it will be harder for your horse to stay focused on you and the training you're offering him.

So whenever you feel you are losing your groundedness, when you lose your calmness, when you are too much in your head and lose the connection with your body and environment, then you should take a little break and reconnect with yourself and with the present moment.

Connecting with your breath, is a good way to reconnect.  What you can also do is taking your tensions away, by using the softness response.  And of course, the Here & Now Technique, which will help you to be in your Silent Space is very good to reconnect.

These are all techniques and exercises I teach my students, and the effect of it is fantastic.

These techniques also help you to work with more feel and softness. Horses react amazingly to it.

That’s because horses are so sensitive, they see and feel how you feel and how your energy is.  The better you are connected with yourself, the more grounded and calm and confident you are, the more grounded and calm and confident your horse can be as well.

Never underestimate the power of presence and connection with yourself. You can be an example for your horse.

Try it: first take a moment to connect with yourself, before you start training your horse. In between, when you have a break for example, reconnect with yourself again.

This is meditation in stillness.
Connection in stillness.
With yourself and, you will notice, also with your horse.

When that is possible for you, try the same during the exercise, during the movement, while you ask a question, while you give an answer to your horse, ...

This is meditation in movement.
Connection in movement with yourself.
And with your horse.