The Horsefulness Liberty Connection Program 

A one-of-a-kind online program, designed
to teach you exactly how to
communicate with horses in liberty, and  create the wonderful and heartfelt relationship
you've always envisioned.

An online course by Karine Vandenborre -
Founder of Horsefulness Training.

"You’re about to learn exactly how to get to that deeper level
of communication so you can finally have that connection
with your horse you've been dreaming of ...
— and give yourself and your horse the best possible chance for success."

The Altenative

It took me some time before I was convinced to join the program. I did not know Karine, nor did I hear about the program before so I thought some time if I should invest my money and also my time in it. But, my experience is very positive.

It is exactly the alternative to the common training methods I was searching for and is even more than I expected.

Being an animal psychologist specialized on horses I can say that Karine has a wide experience and a large expert knowledge with horses. Even if I do not always have questions myself I can also learn from the answers she is offering to the other members. Karine is able to answer all the different questions and she takes all the time that is needed to do so.

Even though I already had a very good relationship with my horses before and the handling and attitude with them was quite similar I found many „little“ things that I now integrate in our daily contact.

It is not so easy to describe, but the program is boosting my cognition and mindfulness when being around horses. To me the program is an enrichment in many ways.

I would absolutely recommend Karine and the program and I also use elements during the training with my customers. I believe that it can change people’s attitude and the relationship with their horses in a very positive way.

Britta Wutke

Rock Bottom

Before I joined up, my ponies and I had hit rock bottom and I was looking for something rewarding, relaxing, and nurturing for us all. There are an awful lot of different 'ways' to be and work with horses.

 I come from the south west of England and there is a strong belief here of 'what can I get my horse to do' rather than working in partnership. My doubts were whether this was right for us all and really whether I could trust someone I had found by accident on the internet.

Well, I think the program is wonderful. I like the way I can fit it in with my job, home life and horse life. I have not ridden at all since starting the programme and for once I don't feel guilty about it.

Considering Karine is in another country I feel very supported. I can ask questions whenever I need to and the webinars are excellent, the nearest thing to having Karine with you in the arena.

I have two horses who are very different and reacting in different ways and I sometimes struggle as I am unpicking some of the groundwork I have done in the past. They have both benefited from my much more relaxed approach to our time together, they are both happy, healthy and relaxed and we are having some real connections. I have changed my mental approach and we are all benefiting.

I would not hesitate to recommend the programme to others, who know there is a lot more to learn and also for those who are not being fulfilled with what they are doing with their horses. Karine's programme is very fulfilling and makes me happy.

Celia Taylor

What is the horsefulness
Liberty Connection Program?

The HLCP is an online hands on, and step by step highly interactive home study program designed to let you create a true connection with your horse by using the language horses use between them.

It's about building trust, developing your body language, learning how to read your horse's body language, establishing a true communication without force or coercion.

In this course all is done in liberty, so your horse is not attached to a lead rope as in the normal groundwork. This is thé most natural way for horses to interact and therefore also the best way to build that strong foundation you need for the continued training and handling of your horse. It's about having a horse that is confident, has trust in you and sees you as a capable leading figure.

The course consists of 10 modules, starting with the Foundation module. In that module you'll learn, among other things, how you can internally generate the energy you want to see in your horse. This is a powerful technique that will make a world of difference.

Then in module 1 until module 8 I guide you step by step and in depth through all the connection exercises of Horsefulness Training using video, PDF resources, working schedules and MP3 materials. I'll make sure you don't make the mistakes that are easily made by many people.

Each module also holds a recorded Q&A session.

To top that off, you'll get access to the bonus module in which I introduce you to Horsefulness Groundwork Training.

Throughout the whole program you are able to ask your questions below every video, pdf, ... I'm almost right there beside you in the arena or field.
This is by far the most personal and intensive guidance you can find.

This course holds the secret to having a wonderful relationship with your horse in a relaxed and trustful way so you can have fun and enjoy the things you do together.

PS: Having fun and enjoying things together. Wasn't that the reason you wanted a horse in the first place?

Is this program the right choice for you and your horse?

This is a program that contains essential knowledge to build a connection and true partnership with your horse. You will have a parntership based on trust, friendship and clear communcication. This all will make sure you also make faster progress and experience more quality and joy during groundwork or riding.

The Horsefulness Liberty Connection Program is suitable for:

Both novice and experienced horse owners
Both recreational and professional horse owners
Horses of all ages, from foal to old age
Horses of any training level
Horses of every breed, large or small
No matter which discipline you practice with your horse: groundwork, hacking out (trail riding), dressage, jumping, eventing, …
When you're in need of a coach that will guide you, give you advice and motivates you when you need it

This online program is built in a step by step way that is achievable for everyone.

The techniques, knowledge, and tips you receive from me are explained into depth, so you can apply them at home. You follow this program at your own pace and the pace of your horse. You receive lifelong access, so you start or return whenever you want.

Do you have questions about a specific exercise? No problem. You will receive feedback from me within 3 days, as I'm committed to helping you avoid any roadblocks. (only available with the full option)

Again, it doesn’t matter which discipline you practise. No matter if it is groundwork, trail riding, classical dressage, jumping, eventing, driving, or …. This program will let you experience more quality in whatever you do.

Do you find yourself in any of the situations below?

You want to collect your horse from the paddock to start training but the moment your horse sees you with a halter in your hand, it quickly runs the other way. You're feeling rejected because your intentions are genuinely good...
Your horse is afraid of people because of former traumatic experiences and even though you give this horse plentiful of care and loving attention, there still remains some form of aloofness and distrust. You want to help him to regain trust in people and the world around it. The realization that you're unable to do enough to help your horse flourish strikes a deep chord in your heart.
Your horse can be very obtrusive and sometimes even dares to bite, whereby you can become quite scared. You don’t know how to deal with this in a horse friendly way. People give you the advice to slap him and because you don’t have any alternative you sometimes follow this advice, feeling guilty afterwards...
You have a deep passion for horses, which has led you to pursue various lessons and workshops. Increasingly, you find yourself questioning certain "techniques" presented as "natural training." While you notice your horse is obedient, you also start to experience discomfort with the methods employed to achieve it. You sometimes wonder if there could be an alternative approach—one that both you and your horse can feel at ease with, where obedience isn't the sole focus.
When you train your horse – in liberty or in groundwork – it is very hard to get your horse’s attention. No matter what you try. It seems you horse is interested in everything but you. You would love to find a solution for this so your horse is less fixated to its environment and has more attention for you!
While working with and training your horse, you might find yourself investing a lot of effort with little result. Your horse might not react at all or might respond differently than intended—going against your aids, walking away, becoming agitated, pulling, or pushing. Some people suggest that your horse is dominant and stubborn, advising you to be firmer, but such an approach often yields the opposite results. Your true aspiration is to communicate subtly yet effectively with your horse, making activities together enjoyable. Unfortunately, now, you mainly feel impatient and frustrated….
You're in need of a coach that will guide you, give you advice and motivates you when you need it

This how I am going to help you

You'll discover that by doing less, you can gain more trust from your horse and nurture his curiosity. I'll guide you through experiencing the importance of 'doing nothing' as the foundation for everything you'll do with your horse. It's also the starting point for EVERY problem you aim to solve (and this is not an overstatement!)."
You'll learn how to be assertive without making your horse feel you're being harsh or disrespectful.
You'll understand how to ensure your horse feels comfortable with you and knows that you respect it, allowing it to express his opinions without consequences. You'll also learn how to alternate between taking the lead yourself and giving leadership to your horse. Additionally, you'll discover how to address dominant or defensive behavior without compromising its trust and how to foster a deeper connection.
You'll be able to interpret your horse’s signals, read its body language, respect his boundaries, and communicate with it using your own body language. I will teach you how to subtly but clearly communicate with your horse, enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation.
You'll know how to navigate your horse's unique sensitivities and adapt to the situation of the moment. By adapting to the individual character of your horse mutual trust will grow, ensuring a strong relationship.
You'll explore how to become 'interesting' to your horse and spark his attention, increasing his willingness to work. This will enhance the outcomes of all your future horse training sessions.
By embarking on this journey alongside your horse, you'll also experience personal growth: renewed confidence, inner peace, enhanced assertiveness, the ability to release expectations, stronger intuition, and more. These are just a few examples of the positive changes that await you through this program.
You will benefit from my knowledge and years of expertise, saving yourself frustration, time, and money. This approach prevents stagnation or worsening of current situations. I've already paved the way for you, allowing you to immediately start making progress with your horse.

More Student Love

Our students are loving the content and support... here's what they are saying about the Liberty Connection Program.

Sherry Dasset

"The information Karine had put online previous to purchasing the HLTP really made sense to me. I felt this program was coming from a truly experienced horse loving person so was pretty confident that the program was going to be a continuation of what she had already put out there.

I am loving the program and find myself getting quite excited when I talk about it with others who aren't in the program, but who are horse loving people. I know anyone who truly loves horses will get it and be as excited as I am.

I am very happy with the results so far. My interaction with horses is quite different as I am far more aware of myself as to how I approach, what my energy is, body language etc. When things don't go as smoothly as I would like, I now analyze what my actions were and can usually find the solution there instead of blaming the horse.

I also have a greater sense of confidence as I know if I can’t find a solution to the problem on my own I can always get help from Karine.

I would most definitely recommend this program, as any horse that has an owner in this program is going to have a much happier , healthier life because the owner truly understands them, and can communicate with them in their language, and I wish that for all horses!! The second reason I would recommend it is of course for the horse owner, as for me personally I work in an office all day, definitely not what I love but a necessity of life 🙁 but I have evenings and weekends to look forward to and many evenings I am tired and make myself head out to the barn, but when I get there and am doing barn chores and if I just apply even a little of what I learned and get a very positive reaction to it I leave the barn on a natural high that feels wonderful. 🙂"

Claudia Schroer

"Having been a typical horse loving teenager, the following 40 years I had no contact with horses what so ever; I still loved horses , but disliked the common attitude towards horses...

2 years ago, seemingly 'out of the blue', I realized that I urgently wanted the horses back into my life...
I met JUNA, a beautiful and proud young paint mare of 16 months and I fell in love that second!

While my young horse is having a good time growing up in pasture with the herd until today, my search for support and guidance to raise her differently was difficult and frustrating and sometimes I questioned my dream ...
But as it is said "when the student is ready, the teacher will come", I came across Karine and her program.

Instantly I felt, I had found what I'd been looking for desperately!
Starting the program I noticed myself feeling trust and inner peace....
Karine's teaching improves and cultivates my ability to read my horse, our connection, based on true liberty, is getting deeper every day, my personal insights are millions ;-).

An atmosphere of joy, harmony & trust has grown, and everybody can notice looking at me and/or my horse :-)... and it goes beyond the 2 of us 🙂

YES, I CAN- make a difference!
with the help of Karine !!!

Thank you Karine for all your support, answering questions within short time, precisely and with an amazing intuition for the background of the question! Also the warm & inspiring exchange within the fb group is great.

Thank you for being that special person with that special knowledge, ability and broad inner horizon.

If you really-really want the difference- go with Karine's program!"

Diana Nicolleta Prince

"I immediately felt in my soul that this was the perfect program for me and my horses.
I observed many positive changes in my horses, especially with 1 of them. This horse always tried to bite me and was very aggressive. But, now he is a fantastic friend, he thinks before he reacts and became collaborative and has trust in me. There is now real communication between us.

This program also taught me to stay inside, to follow my intuition, to be creative with my horse, and to be authentic without fear or judgment. This is a good way to know oneself and not only my horses.

I’m very happy with the feedback I get from Karine. When I explain my problems I get feedback very quickly and it is always very helpful for me and my horses.

I would recommend this program to people who want to go deeper in relationship with their horses and to people who want to be in contact with themselves. It’s a new and special program which requires the ability to look inside and to change our negative attitudes and behaviours.

Thank you to Karine and this wonderful program from me and my fantastic horses!!!"

Laura Begnini

"At first I had some doubts because I never believed in online teaching and I had some bad experiences in the past. Sine then I always chose to attend “live” courses.

But this program seemed to be exactly what I had been looking for during the last few years: since I started relating with horses I tried a lot of methods, but I always felt something was missing… It seemed to me that all these methods were tricks to teach the horse something, but no one was really helping me to improve a true relationship with my horses, based on friendly communication and mutual trust.

I have a couple of rescue horses that experienced mistreatments in the past and I noticed that they are much more relaxed when I’m around then before. Especially with them it was quite hard in the beginning and we’re doing everything very slowly, but in a couple of months our relationship improved more than in the last 2 years…
I also have a young mare that now is much more interested in spending time with me, even if we don’t use food during our activity… so I’m very glad!

Due to the program my self-awareness has improved and it’s being very helpful to reach a true and kind leadership in the relationship with my horses: and this is exactly what I was looking for when I decided to join the program.
Plus, I’m noticing that a good relationship also improves the results we can reach in horse-training.

I think the best part of the program is the support you get from Karine. She is a very skilled professional and has a great positive attitude. She puts a lot of passion in answering to our requests of help. She takes into consideration several aspects about our questions, and always gives us a lot of “food for thought”.. .
Karine wants us to improve our skills in order to be able to face the situations in an independent way.

I would recommend the program to anyone who is involved with horses at any level of expertise, from the beginners to experienced professionals."

Karen Smets

"A couple of months ago my horse and I were stuck in a vicious circle of all sorts of bad habits. We didn’t understand each other and we were both frustrated. To get him from the meadow was always a chore. And he often pulled himself free during brushing or saddling. He didn’t trust me.

Thanks to this fantastic program the relationship with my horse has completely changed! I don’t need to catch him in the meadow any more, he comes to my, happily and neighing. Now there is no need to fasten him anymore, because he doesn’t pull himself free anymore. He just stays with me.

I was afraid that once we would start riding again, he would become suspicious again, but that didn’t happen. It is the opposite, he is much more concentrated on everything that I ask from him and on a walk he trusts me that I know when he should be scared and when not.

It is so pleasant to be able to do everything without stress. Finally we’ve arrived in a positive spiral. We both really enjoy the connection exercises. Not all exercises went well straight away but Karine always knew what to do!

Thanks to this fantastic program I have been able to build a bond with my horse where previously I could only dream of and that within a couple of months time!"

Vicky Broes

"A year ago I had the opportunity to work with a small Irish Cob herd for my fear of horses. Through some research on the internet I ended up with the 8 “connection exercises” and I started without any guidance my own Horsefulness experiment with Koby, an Irish Cob mare of 13 years old.

During “bonding time” Koby and I got very close within a short period of time. She gave indications of sincere interest through which our connection started and I was really convinced of the benefits of the exercises.

However, after a few weeks I was missing “sound and image”, and that is why I went to the website and registered for the Horsefulness Liberty Training Program, where the focus is on videos with associated explanation and where you also get access to a community where “likeminded people” can exchange experiences in a positive and constructive atmosphere.

In the meantime the bond with Koby got a lot more intense in a short period of time and the owner offered me to buy her. In our own paddock paradise I now enjoy every day with Koby, in a pace that suits both her and me, from bonding time, the greet and go and the other connection exercises.

It feels like being guided personally in the paddock through having a lifelong access to the program and Karine, who is very quick in her reaction to answer all and everyone’s questions. In the last module I can learn everything about “the boomerang” so I have a challenge to look forward to with Koby! I’m a fan!"

20+ years of experience

Today, well in my 40's, I'm no newbie to horse training. Next to general horse training, I've been working, and connecting with horses in liberty for over 20 years, fine tuning my skills and knowledge to this day.

During all these years I have learned what works and what doesn’t. And very important, I'm aware of the pitfalls most horse owners and trainers often have to deal with.

If you want to make use of my knowledge and kick-start your journey, then let me help.

What's More?