60 things you can do while doing “Bonding Time” with your horse.

“Bonding Time” is the first connection exercise of Horsefulness Liberty Training. While you are doing it, it’s important to practice yourself in being fully present. This means: no distractions like reading or listening to music.

However, if you stay longer with your horse, it can be enjoyable to do something else then just be present in the here and now.  If you stay for a few hours or even a whole day with your horse without wanting anything from your horse, you create a herd feeling with your horse. You become part of the herd, as it were. Highly recommended if you want to build a real connection with your horse.

Since people often have a hard time doing “nothing” for so long, I’ve made a list of 60 things you can do while spending time with your horse in the pasture. I advise you to unplug as much as possible, so no internet or texting …

60 things you can do during “Bonding Time”

  1. Practice the Here & Now Technique
  2. Read a book
  3. Write a poem
  4. Write a story
  5. Draw your horse (or a flower, a tree, …)
  6. Paint
  7. Have a pick-nick
  8. Enjoy the sun (or rain, or snow)
  9. Set up a training plan for your horse
  10. Write in your dairy
  11. Meditate
  12. Practice yoga
  13. Stretch your body
  14. Do a body scan
  15. Practice the “Softness Response”
  16. Do a power nap
  17. Play an instrument
  18. Knit a scarf
  19. Go for a walk in the field
  20. Listen to a podcast
  21. Listen to your favorite music
  22. Dance
  23. Answer these reflective questions about your horse
  24. Answer these goal setting questions about your horse
  25. Write yourself inspirational quotes to put on different places in your house
  26. Have a friend with you and play “the Contact Game ”
  27. Observe your horse and the herd dynamics
  28. Invite a friend that you haven’t seen for a long time
  29. Make a list about all the positive qualities of your horse
  30. Go for a short jog through the field
  31. Collect beautiful nature objects
  32. Start a gratitude the journal
  33. Practice Intuitive Communication
  34. Maintain the field
  35. Write a blog
  36. Color in a color book (great way to empty your head!)
  37. Do a brain dump
  38. Take stunning photographs of your horse and nature around you
  39. Write cards or letters to friends and family members
  40. Brainstorm about personal goals and break them down into long and short term goals
  41. Sing
  42. Catch up on your favorite magazines
  43. Gaze at the clouds and try to see figures
  44. Learn a new language
  45. Have your dog with you and give him some extra attention
  46. Watch and listen to the birds
  47. Do some breathwork
  48. Eat self-made popcorn with maple syrup and salt = instant happiness
  49. Pitch a tent and sleep outside with your horses (put a wire around it !!)
  50. Make a bucket list
  51. Look through old photo albums
  52. Do some body awareness exercises
  53. Do a crossword puzzle
  54. Start a bullet journal
  55. Reflect on your life and set your intentions
  56. Explore your field and try to find insects
  57. Give yourself a foot massage
  58. Do some strength exercises
  59. Walk barefoot in the grass
  60. Just enjoy doing nothing at all!

Is your horse pushy during Bonding Time? Or just the opposite: is he not seeking  any contact? 

Is he fearful or suspicious? Or is he very confident but you don’t know how to respond to his curiosity and his need to touch you? 

You can be coached by me online if you wish. This is possible if you are a member of my online Horsefulness Liberty Training Program. The goal is to develop a natural communication with your horse and to build a true and lasting connection with your horse.  

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