15 goal-setting questions for the new year

Happy 2019! I hope that this new year will bring you prosperity and success in all aspects of your life, including everything related to your horse. To help you with the latter, I made a list of 15 goal-setting questions for the new year.

These questions will help you to set goals, thereby making it easier to actually achieve them. To be able to set your goals as well as you possibly can, I advise you to first answer these reflection questions regarding the past year. By looking back at the year past, you’ll make sure that the goals you set match your horse and your priorities, values and dreams.

When you’ve answered the reflection questions, take a few days to contemplate them before starting with the goal-setting questions. I myself have noticed that I get a much clearer picture of my goals and dreams this way.

Find a quiet spot, pour your favorite tea, and grab a pen and pad of paper. Don’t answer the questions only in your mind, but write the answers down. Writing down your goals will increase the chance of actually achieving them by no less than 70%!

Goal-setting questions 2019

  1. What new horsemanship skills would you like to learn this year?
  2. What horsemanship skills that you already have would you like to perfect this year?
  3. What new skills would you like to teach your horse in 2019?
  4. What skills that your horse already has would you like to perfect?
  5. How much time would you like to spend with your horse per day/per week/per month?
  6. What physical/mental/emotional/spiritual quality that will make your horse happy would you like to develop or enhance? (answer each level separately)
  7. How will you help your horse physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually? (answer each level separately)
  8. What will you do this year on a regular basis to make your horse happy?
  9. What negative/not-so-good habit will you unlearn/avoid this year?
  10. What good habit will you cultivate this year?
  11. What would you like your daily being/training together with your horse to look like/feel like? For you, for your horse?
  12. How do you want to remember the year 2019 when you look back on it a few years from now?
  13. What is your (you + your horse’s) most important theme for 2019?
  14. What would you like to achieve together with your horse in 2019?
  15. What is your #1 goal together with your horse for 2019?

Remember that it isn’t important to write down all your goals perfectly and to plan them right away. Answer these questions first and think on them for a bit. Only then can you set up your plan, both in your daily agenda and in your yearly calendar.

Good luck!

Ps: I’m curious about your #1 goal… Go ahead and post it below in the comments!