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Walking together in Liberty [Video]

Walking together in Liberty [Video]

Two of my horses, Niki and Joy (both aged mares) are currently staying in a new meadow on the side of a nature reserve.
It’s just wonderful there! I go to see them every day to spend some time with them.
On one of those days my husband Tom has filmed us while we were walking together and enjoying each other.

In the video we made you can see the interaction between me and the horses, but also between themselves.
With this video I want to make clear that it’s not about “control”, but about truly walking “together”.
Horses don’t need to follow you like a shadow. That is not naturally for a horse!
In this video you can also see how the different connection-exercises evolve into one another very naturally.

If you also like this video, please share it! It can make other people think and give them the awareness,
that it’s not just about achieving, but rather that horses are looking for trust, friendship and connection.

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5 thoughts on “Walking together in Liberty [Video]

By Noëlle on 4 September 2015

Hello Karine,
You are doing a good job with your horses. Sharing territory without stress and just being with horses is a great skill (which you possess.)
However, a lot of people need a method to follow in order to do this right.
It is deceptively simple and all kinds of things can happen with people who don’t really understand what it’s all about. Then, things can go wrong and possibly turn dangerous .
I learned how to do liberty work thru the brilliant method of Carolyn Resnick.
I am now totally at ease with horses at liberty.
Do you know about this programme ?

By Karine Vandenborre on 5 September 2015

Hello Noëlle, thank you for your nice comment!
Yes, I know the program of C.R. I came across her website, I think it must be a year or 3 ago. I have found that some things in liberty training are similar in a way but there are also big differences. (It’s like with every method I think, some people say my aproach has also big similarities with Klaus hemplings’ method, but as always there are also big differences here I think).
It’s great that you have learned so well to work in liberty with your horses, it’s so much fun and it gives a strong foundation for all the other training components!

By Jackalyn on 4 February 2016

this is so peaceful to watch!!

By Beverly on 12 February 2016

My horse will follow me but seems confused when I ask him to lead. I think he needs to build confidence. We will keep trying. Great video. Thank you.

By Kris on 4 July 2017

I truly enjoyed watching this. Very peaceful, thank you for sharing 🙂

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