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The rope halter

A rope halter is a halter that can be used during groundwork. Some riders also use a rope halter as headstall for riding.
Rope halters are made from 1 long piece of nylon rope that is knotted in a special way, so it becomes a halter. At the bottom of the rope halter is a knot with loops where you can attach your reins.

For some exercises this halter is ideal because you can give clear directions with it. However, I do not recommend this halter for some other exercises because this halter sits loosely around the head and it can therefore move around the head making you come through less clear.

It is important that you use the rope halter (and all other aids) in a sensible way.
Read more about it in the article: “Rope halter, for or against?”

If you never trained with a rope halter before, ask advice from an experienced instructor, an instructor from who you know that he or she works in a horse friendly way.

A big advantage of a rope halter is that hardly weighs anything since there are no iron parts like buckles and rings for attaching your rope. This is in all probability why horses experience a rope halter as comfortable, unless it is used with too much pressure.

rope halterThe rope halter is a training halter, and certainly NOT a stable halter. Never leave a rope halter on the horse when you leave it in the stable, meadow or paddock. Also never use it to secure the horse somewhere
When a horse is caught behind something or when it panics, a normal halter will break and the horse is set free. However, a rope halter does not break and when a horse is panicking because it is caught it can hurt itself very badly!

You therefore only use a rope halter when you do groundwork (or when you ride).
You can buy rope halters in different sizes and a variety of colours at your local horse supply shop or at an online web shop. But you can also choose to make one yourself! Click here if you would like to know how to make your own rope halter


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