Pure presence with horses

Whenever I leave my house because I need to travel, I always say goodbye to my horses, no matter how short my travel will be.

So the evening before I left to France last week, there was a very nice orange glow from the setting sun. Ulysse and Joy were grazing together on one side of the meadow and looked up when I entered their meadow.

After I made contact with them and stood with them for a while, I started walking. They followed me closely as I walked to the large walnut tree, where I took a seat on our bench. Ulysse asked me to groom her. So I picked up a twig and scratched her chest and shoulders, her favorite spots.

Joy looked at us, then walked on through the long grass that reached to her belly.

After a while, I stepped to the center of the meadow. Ulysse came along and when Joy saw we were going the other way, she turned around and followed us.

When we arrived at the place where we always make our campfire, I started running in a circle around the fireplace. Ulysse trotted along, while Joy sprinted to the other side of the field.

After a few minutes Ulysse and me also walked to the other side, where Joy was waiting for us.

Then we spent at least half an hour walking around the meadow, the three of us. Ulysse and Joy behind me. The grasshoppers jumped up with every step I took.

A buzzard circled above us.

It was pure presence. No yesterday, no tomorrow, not even “in a few minutes”…

Only now.  Being one.

One with myself, one with the horses, one with nature.

These are times when you don’t film, don’t take a photo or selfie to post on social media. Then you don’t think about that. Then all that stuff doesn’t matter.

Do you long for that too? For that pure connection, that pure being one with your horse?

Then the Horsefulness Liberty Training Program might be something for you. There I teach you step by step to build a strong bond with your horse in the most natural way, making it possible to experience that feeling of unity with your horse.

Have a look and see what others have experienced following the program:

With love,
X Karine