Lila plays the “Chase Game”

When we think about playing horses, we often see the image of young frolicking horses running behind each other in the meadow, bucking and playing dominance games.

That’s right, of course, young horses play more and often also wilder than older horses. Their play is good for their physical, emotional and mental health. It helps them in their development.

Older horses can also enjoy playing, some more than others. My horses are all about 20 years old or older at the moment and I still see them galloping in a playfull manner through the pasture sometimes.

Horses can also thoroughly enjoy playing with their human. Sometimes they initiate that game themselves, but you can also invite your horse to play.

Playing with horses is sometimes still seen as something inferior, unnecessary and sometimes even dangerous. It belongs in the circus, I once heard someone say. Meaning it’s fun to watch, but not valuable. 

Dressage training, thát is valuable. 

I have a different opinion. 

I think that playing with your horse is not only great fun, but also very valuable. It not only provides joyful moments and fun in life, but it also strengthens the bond with your horse, it reduces stress and it’s super good for the physical, emotional and mental health of your horse.

This week I played the “Chase Game” with Lila. She’s 20 already, but still up for a game from time to time. She needed some time to get into it, but towards the end she went completely crazy  : -)

I made a video of it:

Do you also want to play with your horse but don’t know how to do that or how to keep it safe? You can learn that through the “Horsefulness Liberty Training Program”