“Come along for the ride” interview by Tracy Malone

Recently I was interviewed by Tracy Malone, of the “Come along for the ride Podcast”.

Tracy Malone: Karine has, over the years, put mindfulness and horsemanship together. The thing I love about Karine is that she has a breadth of experience in horses, and it’s her choice to always put the horse first and see what fits for them, that makes her a great trainer in my eyes. When I ask her about why she rides bitless, she says it’s simply because all the horses she rides prefer it that way. Even though she’s trained in biomechanics and could probably give me scientific reasons as to why she prefers to ride bitless, she still puts the horse first. I love this!

Karine also had the chance to be anything she wanted when she was younger and her teachers and parents all tried to talk her out of working with horses. Can you believe it! Luckily for us, Karine followed her heart and we can now have access to her wisdom and online courses.”

These are some of the things that I talk about during the podcast with Tracy:

  • How and when my passion for horses started
  • How Horsefulness Training developed over the years
  • Why I decided to train bitless
  • True stories about horses that I’ve helped overcoming their trauma’s (with useful tips!)
  • Why I love working with “difficult” horses

click here to listen to the episode