Body Awareness and Movement Awareness

You live in your body.  Your body is your home. It’s your instrument.

With your body – your senses – you observe the world.

Thanks to your body, you can express yourself and move around in this life.

With your body, you interact with the world around you, also with your horse.

With the help of your body, you take care of your horse, you communicate with your horse, you connect with your horse, you train your horse, you ride your horse.

The way you breathe, the way you move, the way you listen, the way you speak, the way you feel: your body tells everything.

Even the things you want to hide, can be picked up by others: by your partner, your children, your mother, your dog.

And by your horse…


Your body is your most priceless possessionIt’s your most priceless instrument.

So isn’t it strange that a lot of people don’t take care of their body the best they can?

And isn’t it strange that a lot of people lack body and movement awareness?

I see a lot of horse owners struggling with the communication with their horse.  And that’s not always because they lack knowledge or technical skills.  It’s often because they don’t have enough body and movement awareness.

They’re not aware of the accumulated tension in their bodies.
They struggle with softening certain body parts.
They think they move symmetrical but they don’t.
They lack breath awareness.
They adopted wrong moving patterns without being aware of it.

They want to help their horse to move better, to relax or to be more supple. But they don’t move well themselves, they carry tension themselves, are stiff themselves.

They want their horse to know where to put his inside hind leg,  but they are not aware of their own legs and how they move their legs.

I just told you that your body is your most priceless instrument.  The more body awareness and movement awareness you develop, the better you will be able to use your instrument to communicate and the better you will be able to help your horse to develop more body and movement awareness as well.

So it all starts with YOU.
With the awareness of YOUR body and YOUR movements.

One way to develop and expand your body and movement awareness is Mindful Moving.  And I’m giving a Connection Circle on that topic on March 28th.

A Connection Circle is an online workshop in which I cover a topic that is related to horsemanship and horses, and where we’ll do exercises together.  First without your horse, and then also with your horse. During the workshop you can ask me all the questions you have about the topic and the exercises we do.

So I’m inviting you to join me and the other students for the upcoming (March 28th) Connection Circle on Mindful Moving.

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