making-your-own-rope-halter A rope halter is a halter made from nylon rope and is used for groundwork. You can also ride with it. You can make your own rope halter, and in this article you’ll find a step-by-step description. What do you need? 6 metre nylon rope which is 8 mm thick. You can buy this in a hardware store or a sail supply shop.

Step 1

Fold the rope in half so you have 2 pieces of rope of equal length. From the middle, you move down 1 metre. This point is your new “middle”. One piece of the rope is now 2 metres longer than the other piece.

Step 2

Make two simple knots, spaced 20 cm from each other, and each 10 cm from this new middle.

Step 3

making-your-own-rope-halter-step-3 Hold the rope as showed in the figure on the left. The big loop will become the nose band. The two smaller loops which you’re holding become the loops for attaching the reins. Watch the picture carefully: the loose ends that come out of your hands from above need to be positioned BEHIND the big loop, so you cross them UNDER the loop and not above. Also, be careful to cross the rope neatly near your thumb so you can hold it tightly.

Step 4

making-your-own-rope-halter-step-4Now, cross the large loop (the nose band) exactly as showed in the figure. Watch carefully which loops/ropes are located under or above which loops/ropes. Then weave the 2 ends of the rope through the loops in exactly the same way as showed in the figure (the black arrows).

Step 5

making-your-own-rope-halter-step-5 Now, pull the ends slowly through. Not 1 loop and then the other, but every time a few centimetres. Pull the nose band loop tight in a steady way as well. The knot you’ve created is the fiador knot. This is a beautiful, but more importantly, firm knot.

Step 6

making-your-own-rope-halter-step-6 Continue by making knots as shown in the figure above. First, you have to make knot 1. You make the knot in such a way that you can make knot 2 with the longest end of the rope. The other end goes to the other side (knot 5). After knot 2 you continue to make knot 3, then knot 4, and lastly knot 5. You make the knots for the nose band (3 and 4) by weaving the rope through the existing knots which are loosened a bit fort this. Afterwards, you pull them tight again. making-your-own-rope-halter-step-6-2

Step 7

T The 2 ends are now the “throat latch”. Cut them to size the way you want them, and hand melt the ends with a lighter to prevent fraying.


PS: Do not train with a rope halter if you don’t have any experience with it. Read the article “The rope halter” before going to work with it, and ask an experienced instructor to explain how to use the rope halter in the correct and horse friendly way, as well as for what exercises it is appropriate. Also, please read the article “The rope halter, for or against” before you use your own knotted rope halter.

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