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[Podcast episode #3]: Feel & Timing

[Podcast episode #3]: Feel & Timing

Every horse(wo)man knows that feel and timing are crucial when training horses. But how can you explain “feel” and what exactly is timing?  And more important: how can you develop better feel and timing?

In this third episode of the Horsefulness Training Podcast, Karine Vandenborre answers these questions for you!

She also tunes in on

  • the different levels of communication
  • the importance of opening up to your horse
  • the #1 reason you lose your natural feel
  • softness of body and mind, and how you can achieve that
  • and more!

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2 thoughts on “[Podcast episode #3]: Feel & Timing

By Elizabeth McIntosh Legge on 17 August 2018

Thank you for this podcast. I was taking a course in mindfulness a few weeks ago and it is interesting to apply it to my horse.

By Karine-vandenBorre on 29 January 2019

I’m happy you liked it!

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