Podcast episode #2: Q&A Groundwork

In this second episode of the Horsefulness Training Podcast I explain what Groundwork according to the Horsefulness phylosophy is, why you should do Groundwork and I answer 5 questions that were sent in by mail.

Q 1: My horse is pretty anxious about tractors and big vehicles.  She is also very spooky when we pass bushes and branches.  Then she disconnects and only wants one thing: run off! How can I keep the connection when she is so afraid?
Q 2: My horse is afraid to back up out of the trailer. Any advice on how to train him to back up instead of turning in the trailer to unload?
Q 3: If Liberty is the foundation and you can do everything in Liberty, why do you go to Groundwork?  Can’t we do everything in Liberty? What is the benefit of doing Groundwork?
Q 4: I had to use a lot of direct pressure from my instructor to teach my horse to yield.  This didn’t feel right.  Is it really necessary to teach your horse to yield for direct pressure?
Q 5: The Groundwork I’ve been doing became to easy for my horse and therefore she loses interest.  I would like to get some tips on how to make Groundwork more difficult and stimulating for her and me.

When answering these 5 questions, I talk about

  • accepting fear
  • focussing on your breath to stay present
  • using the “liberty-principle” when doing groundwork
  • communication versus force when yielding to physical aids

I also tune in on 

  • how to prepare your horse in a step by step manner for traffic
  • why negative reinforcement is not “negative”, like some people think
  • what a groundwork sequence is,
  • and much more!

The blog-post about yielding for physical aids that I refer to in this episode is this one.

I also reveal the winning picture and story of the contest from the previous episode…

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