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[Podcast episode #1]: Q&A Liberty Training
2 May 2018 

[Podcast episode #1]: Q&A Liberty Training

In this first episode of the Horsefulness Training Podcast I explain what Liberty Training according to the Horsefulness phylosophy is and I answer 5 questions that were sent in by mail. Q 1: My horse ignores me, what can I do? Q 2: My horse is stubborn and impatient, he bites and kicks, pulls loose on the lunge. Any advice? Q 3: I noticed that you do involve children during Liberty Training, any advice for doing the Horsefulness Liberty Training Program with young people? Q 4: I can't approach/catch my severely abused mare. How can I solve this? Q 5: You write that during liberty training the horse has the freedom to do whatever it wants to do. But in my opinion a horse needs rules, especially in liberty. Don’t you have rules about what the horse is allowed and what it is not allowed when you work at liberty? When answering these 5 questions, I talk about
  • the importance of being fully present,
  • how to connect with yourself and your horse through your breath,
  • mindfulness and children,
  • rules versus communication.
I also tune in on 
  • how to get your horse more curious and engaged,
  • tension in the horse's body and mind,
  • vitamine N,
  • why abused horse's have an extremely sensitive antenna for tension in the human,
  • and much more.
If you have questions or just want to post a comment, use the facebook comments or reply section below. In the next episode you can win a FREE membership for the Horsefulness Liberty Training Program or a FREE coaching call! Share with us why you love Horsefulness Training so much and what it did for you and your horse, on Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag  #Ilovehorsefulnesstraining! OR Share your most beautiful, special or moving picture of you and your horse while doing Horsefulness Training, using the hashtag #myhorsefulnessmoment ! In the next podcast I’m going to choose the message + picture that moved me the most! If that's yours then you win a free membership to the Horsefulness Liberty Training Program. Already a member, don’t worry, you can still participate because then you win a free online private coaching call! I will personally be reading and looking at all the stories and pictures.  You do have to be a friend or ask a friendship request if you participate OR you have to put your profile on "public",  because only then I can find and see your post!Click here to listen, subscribe and download on i-tunes (Please leave a rating and review, because your reviews can help the Horsefulness Trainning message reach more ears. ) ★ Click here to listen, subscribe and download on Stitcher.mp3-file of this podcast (You may need to right-click the link and select “Save Link As” to download the file to your computer.) More options (Stitcher, Spotify, Google play, Youtube) will be added soon. Ps: please share this podcast with your friends and help spreading the Horsefulness Training message ❤ Click here for the transcript of this podcast
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