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Organising a clinic

During a clinic every participant gets 2 private tuitions a day with his own horse. During these sessions we will work on whatever a combination needs to be able to make progression. All 4 training components can be addressed: Liberty, Groundwork, Gymnastic Groundwork & Bitless Riding Art. The goal at the end of the clinic is that you’ve gained all the needed information and knowledge to be able to train your horse on your own at home.

clinics-organisingEvery participant is able to follow the lessons of the others, and that is, of course, very valuable! You learn a lot from watching the others train their horse, the coaching and feedback they get from me during the training process.
The same is for the surveyors. As a surveyor you don’t bring your own horse, but you follow all the lessons and you also have the opportunity to ask you own questions about your horse. Before, during and after the clinic I take the time to answer all your questions live.

My goal when I give lessons/clinics is that every participant (with or without a horse) goes home with new insights, ideas and inspiration on how to be and train with their horse so their horse can be connected, confident and balanced.
I also want to show everybody that there are solutions for every horse and that “a problem” should never be “a problem”, but that you can see it as an interesting challenge, as fun, as learning new skills, as an opportunity to learn and to develop yourself to be the best you can be as a person and horse(wo)man.

You can also book a private week at your home in which you receive one-on-one tuition every day.
If you are enthousiastic about organizing a clinic at your place/in your region, or you want to book a private week at your home, then fill in the form below. I’m happy to provide you with all the information you need.

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