Masterclass #2: Natural Movement for Riders
06 november 2020 
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Masterclass #2: Natural Movement for Riders

Last month I launched the brand new Find Your Feel membership.

The members of this membership receive a new masterclass every month. The masterclasses have a variety of subjects, all with one goal: awakening their full horsemanship potential.

This month’s topic is Natural Movement for riders. The members will discover and learn:

  • what Natural Movement is and how it can help them to become a better trainer and rider
  •  the #1 natural movement skill of a human and how to integrate this in their daily life, even with a very busy lifestyle where it’s difficult to find extra time
  • how to improve the alignment of their body during this movement practise. These tips will also improve their alignment and movements when training their horse (also in the saddle!)

This masterclass is now completely ready in the membership, the members already have access to it.

And, you can also participate if you want.

The deadline to sign up this month is Monday, November 9th. After that, registration closes again until next month.

Of course, you can still become a member next month, but you won’t receive this month’s masterclass anymore. Then you’ll receive the masterclass of December.

So, feel like joining and boosting your body and (horse)life with natural movement?

Then there’s cool news…

I just explained that normally you don’t get access to previous masterclasses.

However, as a bonus, I’m giving you access to October’s masterclass!

Here’s what some of the members are saying about October’s masterclass (your bonus):

“It brings me so much peace and lightness! I’m a therapist helping people with mental struggles and now I do this every time before each session for minimum 10 minutes. I just love it, makes me much more present in the moment.”

“I realized that it has a big influence on how horses experience your presence. My Icelandic horse has always loved grooming and ‘stalking’ me when I am in the field with him, but now he likes to be in my presence even more. My Shetland pony is also more aware of my presence and presents himself more often for grooming or just standing quietly together.”

“I love how it helps me to reconnect with my body and also the calming effect on my mare Valea.”

“It amazing when I am working with a horse (as an osteopath) that doesn’t know me and I start PHB they start looking at me like ‘who are you???’ and are so comfortable with me getting them to release where they have tension. Some of them start already in the first session to show me where it hurts, that never happens until the second or third time and some horses never do it. So I am really curious how it will go on – it’s such a good feeling ”

If you want to receive this month’s masterclass + the bonus, then go to: and select your membership level.

Maybe I’ll see you there!

With Love,
🎔 Karine

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