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Liberty Training = The Foundation

liberty horse training connection exercisesThe Horsefulness Liberty Training consists of 8 basic exercises.  I call them the 8 Connection exercises, because the most important goal of these exercises is to build up a bond with your horse and spark a deep connection!

By doing the exercises your herd of two becomes very solid and strong and it is the perfect preparation of any future training you will have with your horse.

The foundation!

Just like a house needs a strong foundation to keep standing, so does your relation with your horse need a strong foundation! This foundation is build during Liberty Training! In my opinion Liberty Training is the foundation of all things.

Because how can you train a horse that walks away from you when it’s free? This horse is actually telling you it doesn’t really want to be with you… Training a horse that doesn’t want to be with you at all, let alone do something with or for you, is actually very disrespectful towards the horse… At that moment you force the horse to be with you, while the horse itself doesn’t get any enjoyment or satisfaction from this.

Or how can you train a horse that doesn’t show respect for your intimate and personal space? There is a big chance that this horse will push or kick you during training and literally will take your place. And how can you train a horse that does not feel safe with you yet? This horse will be tense and not capable to learn anything. A horse that does not feel safe with you will be hard to lead, in any exercise.

The truth …

liberty leadingBut also when you have gone through all connection exercises with your horse and started with groundwork, lunging and/or riding, these exercises are a good way to know how much the bond with your horse has strengthened (or not) through your training.

A horse that always walks away from you as fast as it can, as soon as you remove the rope or reins after a training… And that doesn't want to come near to you afterwards... well...that horse speaks the truth…

Of course it’s important to look for the reason why your horse wants to get rid of you after training, or after several trainings, and do something about it! Together with changing your training methods, doing the 8 connection exercises will strenghten and deepen the relationship you have with your horse again.


So the goal of the exercises from Horsefulness Liberty Training is:

  • To build up a close bond with your horse, but also
  • To maintain this bond or
  • To rebuild and re-establish this bond.
  • To prepare for groundwork
    teaching your horse driving aids (Your Spot My Spot, Easy Herding, ...)
    --> teaching your horse the different lead positions ( Easy Herding, Liberty Leading)
    --> preparing for circlework ( Spontaneous Cirlcing)
    --> ...

All this is again a preparation for successful gymnastic groundwork and riding.
Can you see how everything builds onto and is connected to each other?

The 8 connection exercises are

1. Bonding Time
2. Greet and Go
3. Greet and Groom
4. Your Spot My Spot
5. Easy Herding
6. Liberty Leading
7. Spontaneous Circling
8. The Boomerang

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    8 thoughts on “Liberty Training = The Foundation

    By Orianna on 27 September 2014

    How do i preform the exercises with my horse? Also what are they?
    Thank you

    By Karine Vandenborre on 27 September 2014

    Hello Orianna, on the right hand side of my website you find a title that say's " Liberty Training".
    Go there to see the different exercises. The liberty work consists of 8 exercises which you can find there.

    By Jill on 18 January 2016

    Hi! I am new to the Liberty world. I have decided to work on a miniature horse for my first time. He is an amazing pony, but is not young. He is in his mid to late twenties. He has pulled a cart all his life. I know this horse will be quite the challenge, but I am determined. He generally follows me around anyway, he loves being with humans already, but his idea of following me is being by my side. I need him to follow me with his head towards the front of my body (I walk backwards and he follows facing me). He has a thing for standing directly at your side. Also, he doesn't really have any cues for standing or stopping. He just sort of runs in to me or goes in a circle around my body. How do I teach a horse to stop when told, and how to stand still until told to move? How do I gain his attention without being aggressive? All tips for Liberty are excepted. THANK YOU!

    By Paige on 26 April 2016

    Hi Jill. If your miniature is running into you like that or circling they are being dominant. When he circles you he is trying to cut you off and sort of 'herd' you to stop. This is being dominant so to fix this you need to be the one stopping HIM so if he runs into you like that back him up. Back him up when ever he does that and he will eventually respect your space and recognise you as the leader. So back him up and even. Back him up a couple of metres if he is still being dominant. Be a calm leader and you can back him up by; pressure on his haunted till he steps back then release, use a training stick to tap him on the chest and stop tapping once he steps back and some people jolt down on their halter if they really are being disrespectful and getting too aggressive to get the point through. Hope that help ❤️👍

    By Paige on 26 April 2016

    Hey guys. My heroes puts her ears back and scrunched her nostrils and sometimes cranes her neck and looking like she is about to bite when I do Liberty. Please help!!!

    By Mandy on 8 March 2017

    Me too!

    By ali on 12 September 2016

    ok so i just recently bought two colts. they are 3months. i am having a hard time with them in the field. i can not catch them and they dont seem curious of me. i bring them in everynight... any suggestions? they are the only horses on the property

    By Karine-vandenBorre on 18 November 2016

    You could start with liberty training, the first 3 connection exercises are really helpful when horses don't like to be haltered or are afraid/distrustful.

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