Is it ok to let your horse herd you?

March 15th,  2024

By Karine Vandenborre

What? Letting your horse herd you?

This is a reel I posted on Instagram. You can watch it here, or watch it on IG

Yep, I let my horses herd me. Just like I teach my students to let their horse herd them.
Sometimes people say "but they told me to never do that!"
I know why "they" say that. Because a horse can become pushy. Or starts to bite you. Or becomes unfriendly.
But then "they" are missing the fact that it's all about communication and empowering your horse.

Because you can also say "stop now"
Or, "I don't want this now."
Or, "let's do this with more distance between us"
Or "let's change roles"
Or "you can herd me but not bite me"
Or "..."

THEY say this because they reason from the "dominance theory"
And then it's true that you don't have many communication possibilities...

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