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Karine and Napo playing at Liberty

Karine and Napo playing at Liberty

In this video you see Karine and Napo playing at Liberty.  Liberty horse training is the foundation of Horsefulness Training.  It’s about creating a true connection with your horse that is based on clear communication, trust and free will . Working at Liberty is a strong foundation on which you can build to make everything you want to do with your horse more easy and pleasant.

ps: Napo licks his lips because I gave him a treat 😉

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4 thoughts on “Karine and Napo playing at Liberty

By Aletia on 24 May 2015

Love the mirroring going on here… Such clear connection!

By Karine Vandenborre on 24 May 2015

Hello Aletia, thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it!

By Janet on 12 June 2015

I lived your video on connection. Working daily on this with my horse. Feel a little lost as to how to get the results I see you achieve. Where can I go to get more instruction?

By Karine Vandenborre on 17 June 2015

Hello Jan, this is achieved by buildig up a connection and communication throuht the 8 connection-exercises. I understand this is not always so easy to achieve by reading on my blog. That’s why I created an online program for Dutch speaking people last year and people who are member of this are very happy with it!! They have very good results. At the moment this program is being translated to English, so soon it will be available for you too!

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