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November 15th,  2023

By Karine Vandenborre

Unlock Your Horsewoman Power Within
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Today, I'd like to transport you back to 1992 when I was 15 years old.

A racehorse named Farao came to our riding school. He was young, black and very beautiful, but there was a big problem: he was aggressive, angry, and nobody could touch or even approach him.

Initially, I lured him in and out of his box with food to be able to muck out his box, but I felt compelled to change that. I wanted him to trust me! So, every day, I bravely entered his box, trembling on my legs, with my heart pounding in my throat every time he lashed out.

But after while, he became less agitated, as if he sensed my intent to help, not harm.

Then, one day, everything changed.

Instead of anger and threats, Farao turned to me, looked at me, and oh-so-gently reached out with his nose to smell and touch my hand.

What a magical moment! Goosebumps all over!

Well, that moment, was a turning point in my young horse life. I had been told he needed to be shown who’s boss, but in that moment, I realized that this was not true! I realized that gentleness was the way to go!

Fast forward to 2023, more than 30 years later…

I’m sitting at my desk, writing this email, feeling so excited about my new online training in which I will share the missing link between where most horsewomen are now and where they coúld be with their horse.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself: what the heck does this have to do with Farao’s story?

Well… a lot!

Because if I had known that missing link back then already, I wouldn’t have felt nervous and anxious at all!

No, I would have been calm, grounded, and confident. And Farao would have overcome his fear of humans much, much faster.

Ready to Unlock Your Horsewoman Power Within?

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Looking forward to see you at the webinar!

Lots of love and horsewomen power,