Horsefulness Liberty Training Program: FAQ
8 February 2016 
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Horsefulness Liberty Training Program: FAQ

Each time when I open enrollment for my online Horsefulness Liberty Training Program (HLTP) I more or less receive the same questions by email. It’s absolutely normal (and wise!)that you want to know if this program is a good fit for you and your horse. That’s why I made a list with the most freqently asked questions for you to go through.

Of course if your question isn’t answered by one of the answers below you can contact me by email and I’ll personally get back to you as soon as possible.

Here goes!

FAQ #1
“I have a miniature horse/a draft horse/ a breeding mare/ a stallion/ an old horse/ a pony/ … Is this program suited for this type of horse?”

Horsefulness Liberty Training is based on the natural way of being and communicating of horses. So it is all about learning how to communicate and connect in the most natural way with horses. So no matter if your horse is small, big, young, old, male, female, … it still speeks the same language as every other horse.

We have people participating with all types, breeds, ages, heights,… of horses. They all get to learn how to apply the method with good results.

So, to answer your question: yes, this program is suited for your type of horse!

FAQ #2:
“Is the program a good fit for my young and uneducated horse?”

This program is definitly a good fit for your young and uneducated horses. There are many people who apply this method with youngsters, even foals, and they are having great results. They tell me that their youngster becomes more human-oriented, calmer and more easy to handle. It’s even so that they learn new things easier this way.

I advise you to start as early as possible with this way of working, so everything that comes later like groundwork, trailer loading, starting your horse, … will go smoother and with greater trust.

And because everything happens at liberty, you don’t have to be afraid that you would overload the young horse, the horse will tell you clearly when it wants to stop the liberty session!

FAQ #3
“My horse bites/kicks/is anxious/distrustful/ shut down/shows dominant behaviour/is instrusive. Will this program help me to solve these problems I am facing with my horse?”

One of the main reasons I’ve set up this program ís to help people solve this kind of problems they face with their horse! So problems in their relation and behaviour problems.

You have to know that I have worked since more then 20 years now with so called “problem horses”. Some of them weren’t trained in the correct way, others were traumatized severely. I’ve learned that the best way to help them and their owner to overcome these problems was to start working in liberty with the 8 connection exercises.

A lot of people who come to me are mostly people who tried already everything to solve the problems they face. A lot of the time this method is their last hope.  But by learning to apply the 8 connection exercises and learning how to communicate and connect with their horse in liberty they start to have insight in the problems they have and they are able to solve these issues and help their horse to be happy again!

So my answer to your question is definitely: YES, the Horsefulness Liberty Training Program will help you to solve these problems!

FAQ #4
“I consider myself as a novice because I never practiced liberty training before and only recently I bought my first horse. I’m doubting join the program, as I’m not sure if I will be skilled enough to work in liberty with my horse. So my question is: will I be able to learn this?”

I teach this way of liberty training to horse people of all levels, from novice to very experienced horse trainers. What I’ve noticed throughout all those years is that it is suitable for everybody, so also for people who just start out.

The big advantage of being a novice is that you learn to work with your horse in a respectful and horse friendly way from the very beginning! You learn to understand your horse and how you can communicate with him. That way you avoid common problems in the near future. So this program gives you and your horse the right start.

Also, in this program I will coach you step by step, and give you clear instructions on how to take each step with your horse. I will give you support wherever you need it, because you can ask me any question you have and we will also meet live online during the feedback sessions. In the closed facebookgroup you can also post your photos and videos, so I can look at them and give you feedback on them.

So, I can really say for sure, that if you don’t have experience with liberty training or with horses in general, that this is the program you need. I will give you my full support and guidenance, that’s a promise!

FAQ #5
“I’m a professional trainer/I already have a lot of experience with horses. Is this program interesting for me? Will I learn enough new things?”

The concepts in this program are not what you are used to hear and see in other known programs or methods.
So even if you are an experienced horse(wo)man you will learn many new things and new ways to look at situations/problems with horses. It will change the way you train horses.

So also if you already are very experienced, this program will certainly be an enrichment to what you are already doing. It will expand your knowledge and your skills.

It’s important to be aware of the fact, that even if you already are an advanced/professional trainer, you can still encounter challenges with horses. And because this program is very interactive, I can advise you personally on those matters. So if you encounter a problem, I’m there to help you with it.

This program offers a foundation that most of the time is missing with a lot of horse owners and trainers. This is the foundation that will make sure that also your groundwork and riding will improve, because your horse will trust you more and will become more willing to cooperate. The things you learn in liberty will be continued in all the other training components.

Next to all that, you will also experience a positive personal development: regained confidence, more inner peace, increased assertiveness, learning to let go of expectations, stronger intuition, …. are just a few examples of the many positive changes that can happen if you follow the Horsefulness Liberty Training Program.

FAQ #6
“My dream is to ride dressage/ to jump/ … Will this program help me with this?”

In this program it’s not about riding, so you won’t find video’s or other material about riding. This is all about being and working with your horse in liberty. So if you are looking for lessons about riding, this is not the program for you.

However, my opinion is that when you want to ride your horse, you first need to have a strong connection. It’s also important that you have a clear communication going on. Only then a horse will like to be with you and will also understand you. Only then you can also be a team during riding.

My experience, and that is also the experience of many of my students, is that when you have gone through the Liberty Training Program, all other training will go smoother and will be more fun.  Your horse will be calmer and more willing during riding.

This is for me the proof that Horsefulness Liberty Training is the foundation for everything else you want to do in the future with your horse. Just like a house needs a strong foundation to keep it strong, the training of your horse also needs a strong foundation and you can build that with the knowledge and skills you discover in this program.

FAQ #7
“I’m already practicing a different method with my horse, can I combine this?”

If you are into another method or training system, which uses round-pens or picadeiro’s to train the horse in liberty, I have to be honest that this can’t be combined with this method. So you will have to stop working in round-pens and picadeiro’s otherwise you will not have good results with it.

But, if you are doing groundwork or riding according to a certain method, other then Horsefulness Training, you can apply the Horsefulness Liberty Training system and combine it with what you are already doing.

In the program there are a lot of experienced horse people that indeed are into another method. They tell me that it gives them many new insights and an innovative view on training horses. Their own way of training horses is influenced by it in a positive way.

A warning though: what happens a lot is that people become aware of the fact that some of the techniques they are now using are not as horsefriendly as they thought at first… So for some people this program is a real eye-opener and for some people it is even very confronting…   But, in my opinion, this can only be a positive thing, as it makes you grow as a horse(wo)man.

FAQ #8
“This is really interesting and I want to learn this, but I don’t have an own horse… Can I do these exercises with the horse I ride in the riding school and that is handled by a lot of different people. Will I be able to connect with a horse like that?”

My answer is without a doubt: YES, you can connect with a horse that is handled by a lot of different people.

Horses have the ability to recognize one person out of a lot of persons. They are also able to form a strong bond with that person if that person spends time with them and communicates correctly with them.

we have people participating with horses that are not their own, mostly rented horses from the riding school. They say that since they apply this method with “their” horse, they notice that the horse is reacting different to them then to the other people that ride the horse. “Their” horse comes up to them when they arrive, is more willing and calmer in their presence.

I can certainly advise to apply this method when you rent a horse, as it is very good for the well-being of a school horse that it can connect with somebody on this deep level.  A lot of school horses are not really happy in their lives, so when you build a strong bond with a horse like that, it will give this horse more moments to enjoy and it will give his live more colour.  School horses deserve this as much as every other horse, maybe even more…

FAQ #9
“Every horse is different. How does that work then with an online course?”

Horsefulness Liberty Training is a very dynamic way of working with horses and in the program I teach you how to take into account the individual character of your horse. That is what it’s all about: What does YOUR horse need? That’s what I also emphasize in the program,  everybody should respect his/her horse the way it is and take into account the horse’s personal way of being and doing.
So in the program you’ll discover how to deal with all kinds of different reactions, behaviour, challenges, …

And because you can keep telling me your own story and ask all your questions I get to know you and your horse(s) better and better. That way I can help you and give you advice that really suites you and your horse. Futhermore you can take the time you and your horse need. You don’t have to go through the program within 4 months. You have lifelong access, so you can take the time necessary.

In the closed facebookgroup you can post your pictures and video’s so I can watch them and give you personal feedback on them.

FAQ #10
“Is this something like the Parelli way of doing liberty or another well known method?”

The Horsefulness Liberty Training Program is very different of what you generally know. It’s for sure totally different than the Parelli way of working at liberty.

It’s a unique program because it wil give you a totally different view on horses and their training. A lot of myhts that now are common in the horse world are put aside.

With Liberty Training according the Horsefulness philosophy you will start to develop a different way of working with horses in liberty, on a different level.

FAQ #11
“At this moment I don’t have enough time to practice.”

From the moment you join the program, you get acces for life. So if you don’t have time at this moment, and you can only start, let’s say in 6 months, then that is possible. You can start with the program whenever you want!

Also, when you’re in the middle of the program, you can decide to put it on hold for a period. When you go on holidays for example or when there are other circumstances that prevent you from practicing. I’ve made sure you can restart again at a chosen moment.

FAQ #12
“What is it that makes this online program so different then other programs on horse training?”

  • It’s a innovative method that everybody can apply
  • It’s based on the natural behaviour and communication of horses, you really learn how to communicate and connect in the best possible and natural way with your horse
  • It’s very interactive, because you can ask unlimited questions, tell me your doubts and experiences, and I answer them all, mostly within the 3 days. This amount of personal coaching for the investment you make is pretty hard to find.
  • There is a closed facebookgroup included, exclusively for members, where you can post your video’s so I can give feedback.
  • You can follow the program from your home, wherever you are, on the moments you choose
  • you have lifelong access and you can receive lifelong feedback

FAQ #13
“Is this really a one time payment?”

Yes, you only invest 1 time and you get acces for life! So this is NOT a recurring payement.


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