I’m happy to announce that from now on you can purchase and follow the different parts of the Horsefulness Groundwork Program separately!

In the past this was not possible, but because I  sometimes got emails from people who find it super interesting and dream about following the program, but can’t make the investment, I started thinking about how to make the price more flexible.

And this is the solution:  you no longer have to purchase the entire program in one go.

From now on you can simply start with the first part, the Basic Groundwork. When you’ve completed this first part of the program, you can leave it at this or you can upgrade to the Continued Groundwork course of your choice (whenever you want to).

The set-up of the program:

The complete “Horsefulness Gron Program” consists of 2 parts.

1.     The Basic Groundwork Course 

Consisting of the following modules:
– Foundation,
– Lead Exercises
– Touch Exercises
– Yielding to physical aids
– Yielding to driving aids
– Circle Work.
– You also have access to all the recorded feedback sessions

Value: € 397

2.     The Continued Groundwork 

This part consists of 6 individual courses

* Obstacle Training (€ 197)
* Double Long Lines (€ 147)
* Trailer Loading (€ 197 )
* Groundwork with the neck rope (€ 147)
* Traffic Training (€ 197)
* Preparing for riding (€ 197)

With every course you get access for life, you are allowed in the members-only Facebook group, you can ask unlimited questions and send in videos on which I give you feedback.

Note: the courses of the Continued Groundwork are only available for those who have already followed the Basic Groundwork.

The reason for this is that the exercises from the courses build on each other logically. Both you and your horse must have mastered the basics in order to continue. That way you set yourself and your horse up for success!

There is also a nice extra because you will receive a 10% discount until the end of January! This discount is valid when you purchase the Basic Groundwork Course and of course also if you want to purchase the full program in one go.

You can use the following code on the checkout page: GROUNDWORK10


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me!

I hope to work together with you en help you achieve your groundwork goals!
x Karine