Deep Horse Training
23 september 2021 

Deep Horse Training

It’s Connection Circle time again.

A Connection Circle is an online & interactive workshop with students from all over the world, in which I dive into a certain topic and teach you everything you need to know about it.

This time the topic is: Deep Horse Training.

This is what some of my students say about Deep Horse Training:

“Every day of the week I look forward to Saturday morning. Then I have my weekly Deep Training session with my young horse. It’s “our” time, it’s just me and my horse. We connect and have fun, and we usually make a lot of progress.”
Evelien – Belgium

“Deep Training sessions are fantastic! And they are very good for my self-confidence, because after deep training I always feel like a professional horse trainer, haha!”
Carla – Belgium

“Karine introduced me to Deep Training after I told her that I only have 2 times per week free to train my horse.  I was skeptical at first but after practicing 2 times, together with Karine, I was sold! I now do 1 Deep Training per week, and I make more progress during one such a session then during a full month of “normal” training.”
Kim -Belgium

“Deep training has helped me to get to know my horse better.  One of the things I learned is that my horse needs more exercises instead of less, more exercises make him feel joyful and energetic. Before he was lazy as hell, now he is forward and motivated.  I would have never discovered that if I hadn’t started deep training with him.”
Anke – Belgium

Do you also want to know what Deep Training is and how you can do Deep Training with your horse?

Then join my upcoming Connection Circle.

The online workshop will be held on Sunday, September 26th.

It’s a 5hrs online event with theory,  Q&A sessions in between, ánd practicing with your own horse. How thát is possible, you will discover during the workshop 😉

We’re starting at 4 pm Brussels time (morning/noon for the USA). You’ll be able to convert to your local time zone on the registration page, so you’re sure not to miss it.

Here below is the page where you can find out more about this unique event and where you can also register to join:

If you want to do Deep Training with your horse, then I’ll see you on Sunday!

With love,
— Karine

Ps: If you can’t make it live, but you still want to learn what Deep Training is about, then you can still register, because a recording with possibility to ask your questions will be available afterward


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