Video: Connection instead of control

When I  bought my horse Ulysse, at first, it was very hard to approach her in the field. She usually ran away, as far away as possible from any human. If her previuos owner wanted to take her in, it could take 2 or more hours before she could halter her. She would come by herself only when the other horses were taken out of the field.

If you wanted to bridle her in the stable, she would react aggravated and turn around in anger. She didn’t liked to be groomed and would often threathen to kick you.

She taught me to let go….

Like every horse teaches me something, Ulysse taught me to let go…. Let go of all control, both mentally, emotionally and physically. By daring to do so I have been able to deeply connect with her, despite of her “difficult” behavior. And I made a video of this. Enjoy watching!

Important message!

I would like to emphasize that this video is only meant to show how strong a bond can grow and how it is possible that a horse, which was first very difficult to handle,  can decide to follow you with only a neck rope and even set loose on the street.  Don’t try this at home, if you are not experienced enough in communication and training of horses. It can be a big risk to take your horse out freely in an unfenced area.  Again, I only did this to show people how strong the connection between horse and human can become, even with a “problematic” horse like Ulysse.

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