Cassandra pulled the reins out of Sofie's hands
9 December 2020 

Cassandra pulled the reins out of Sofie's hands

“Sometimes you think your body is relaxed, but when you do the Softness Response you notice that there was still some tension somewhere. After doing the SR technique your body just feels better, and you just ride better.”

That’s what Sofie says about The Softness Response. Sofie did not realize that she had tension in her shoulders and that this was expressed in hard muscles and angular arm movements. It had become normal for her.

Sofie is an excellent rider, but because of those tense shoulders, she gave her rein aids a little too hard, a little too jerky.

Not extreme, but her super sensitive mare Cassandra was irritated by it and responded by pulling the reins from Sofie’s hands.

Until Sofie started working with the Softness Response and became aware of this accumulated muscle tension in her shoulders. And not only became aware of it, but also learned to soften those muscles.

Now her rein aids are also softer and her horse no longer reacts with pulling back, but with softness in return.

Sofie happy, Cassandra happy!

Do you also want to release excess muscle tension with The Softness Response?

Today is the last day that you can register for this month’s Find Your Feel Masterclass about The Softness Response. Of course you can also register next month when I release the next masterclass, but this month’s masterclass is not in your account.

That’s because this membership is like a magazine. You hold all masterclasses from the moment you register. All masterclasses prior to registration are not available.

So, if you want to get rid of that excess tension that will make you a happy rider on a happy horse, quickly go here:
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With love,
? Karine



on 15 February 2021

I'm also thinking about this when I'm riding a horse. I'm glad I was able to found this article. All my question in my mind was answered. Thank you so much!

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