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22 April 2020 

Breathe Natural - Move Natural #8: thé best sitting posture for riders

Strong leg muscles, good digestion, supple ankles, strong feet, flexible hips, greater stability and a straight back .

These are all positive consequences of one particular way of sitting. This way of sitting is the best alternative to sitting on a chair.

This way of sitting is also the best sitting position that riders can do. Because the more supple your pelvis and hips, the better your seat will be.. And the better your seat, the better your leg and rein aids will be.

I still find it incredible that this sitting position does so much good, even in the handling and training of horses.

In the 2nd “Breathe Natural – Move Natural” session we already practiced different sitting positions, but we did not do this particular sitting position back then. That’s because this posture really deserves special attention.

I’m talking about: the squat.

Take the following before you start the video: 2 books, a few cm thick (the books must be the same thickness).

Here you can find the pdf with 8 exercises to make the feet stronger and more flexible.

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