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18 April 2020 

Breathe Natural - Move Natural #4: the feet

In this 4th “Breathe Natural – Move Natural” session, I go deeper into a body part that often has a hard time.

This body part has a huge influence on our balance and how we move.

I’m talking about: the feet.

With simple exercises, which do not require extra time, you can ensure that your feet get the attention they deserve and that they become supple and more flexible again, just like it was when you were a baby and toddler.

This will also improve your communication with your horse, both on the ground and in the saddle.

You will need:
– A tennis ball or another ball with approximately the same diameter is also possible. If you don’t have one, then a small sturdy glass bottle is also good (a beer bottle, for example)
– A pen

PS: Download your free pdf  “8 Stretching and strengthening foot exercises”

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Linda Zoutman
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