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24 April 2020 

Breathe Natural - Move Natural #10: calm yourself and your horse down with your breathing

When I think about my father, who has since passed away, I think about cigarettes. My father was a chain smoker. And not the least …

I can only remember my father with a cigarette between his fingers or between his lips.

The only time when my dad wasn’t smoking was when he was eating or taking his afternoon nap.

He smoked 3 packs of Richmonds without filter per day.

He got up at night because he couldn’t sleep because of the craving for a cigarette.

The house was always full of dirty, smelly smoke. When we watched TV, I pressed my sweater to my face, because I could breathe better with a sweater on my face than if my mouth and nose were free.

I had a lot of arguments with my father because he couldn’t bear if someone complained about the smoke. But as a teenager, keeping silent to maintain peace in the house was not my best quality…

Because of that whole situation, I developed a wrong breathing pattern. A pattern in which I was over-breathing. By chronic over-breathing, my sympathetic nervous system was over-stimulated. As a result, I was often nervous and restless inside. Even when I was out of the house already for a long time.

It took years before I realized that this inner tension had arisen from breathing incorrectly. Fortunately, I eventually learned how to change this unnatural breathing pattern so that I could breathe more naturally again and therefore became calmer and more peaceful inside.

And when I’m stressed or tense, I now know which breathing technique I can use to help myself calm down and relax.

Many people have a wrong breathing pattern. It’s not only caused by a house full of cigarette smoke and stress. It can also be caused by incorrect nutrition, an incorrect posture, too intensive sports, anxiety, insecurity, too much mental activity, …

So there is a good chance that you are also breathing incorrectly.

In this mp3-recording, which is a recording of a live webinar, you will learn

  • how to prevent yourself from “over-breathing”,
  • how to breathe naturally again,
  • how to stay calm in difficult situations,
  • how you can also help your horse to be calm through your breathing,

The recording starts with the breathing exercise and then I answer the questions of the attendees.

You can listen to and download the recording here

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