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15 April 2020 

Breathe Natural - Move Natural #1 - What is natural movement?

From April 14th to 23rd I will be giving a “Breathe Natural – Move Natural” Live Facebook Session every day.

Every day, 10 days in a row, I will share with you an exercise (or several exercises) that you can easily integrate into your daily life without having to spend a lot of extra time on it. The result will be that you will feel more energetic and fitter, that you will breathe better, that you will move more naturally and freely and that you have more body awareness.

The exercises I will share with you are

✅ breathing exercises
✅ body awareness exercises
✅ natural movement exercises
✅ tips on healthy eating habits
(if you’re wondering what I could have to say about healthy eating habits: my husband studied as a health coach and my own second great passion – after horses – is health and nutrition)

Every evening at 7 pm CEST you can follow the live facebook session on my Horsefulness Training Facebook Page. Be sure to check out the page an hour or 2 before the broadcast, to know what you need to have with you during the session, because we’re going to practise together! 

In the mean time, the first “Breathe Natural – Move Natural” Live Facebook Session has already been. We started with thé most important healthy eating habit, or rather “drinking habit”, namely: drinking water.

In the session I tell how I was chronically dehydrated when I was about 20 years old, what the consequences were and how I now keep myself well hydrated.

Then you will learn what Natural Movement is and we’re going to talk about something we all do every day: sitting …

Any questions or comments?  Post them below!



on 15 April 2020

Karine, I watched the re-run. Awesome information and a good reminder as to why we feel as stiff as we do ;-) Will try to sit in different ways, though some of them will take a while for my body to get used to again!



on 16 April 2020

Just take your time Annika, from the moment you start sitting differently, you are already improving your body and ability to move better!

Annika Orenstein

Annika Orenstein

on 17 April 2020

Thanks, Karine! After only 3 days, I am starting to feel a difference.

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