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Bitless Riding

The average sport horse lives for, don’t freak out… 8 years…

This is incredibly sad, especially if you know that a well-trained and healthy riding horse can perform for 30 years!

modern dressageLook at the picture on the right.  This is a dramatic example taken from modern dressage, unfortunately some recreational riders follow the example to some degree…

The red arrows and circle are the places that hurt incredibly much. Rips form in the ties of the cervical vertebrae, muscular blockades in the back and bone growth on the layers in the mouth. The horse gets a headache, has trouble breathing and upsets his stomach and intestines. There is still a whole list of complications, too long to name here.

This is not what horses deserve…

You don’t want to use force and pain when riding a horse. Instead you aim to work with the horse in harmony and take the horse’s individual character and possibilities in account.

That’s why, in my own riding and in my riding lessons I focus on

  • connection & communication
  • naturalness & softness
  • physical, mental & emotional balance of the horse AND rider
  • fun

bitless riding art - Karine Vandenborre - straightness training

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One thought on “Bitless Riding

By Willow on 14 February 2020

Which bitless bridge wd you recommend? Im in UK and am vegan so prefer not leather if poss…

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