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[Podcast episode #4]: 5 main causes of training problems

[Podcast episode #4]: 5 main causes of training problems

During my work with horses and students I identified 5 main causes why horses lose their joy and become fearful, stressed or resistant during training.

If you are experiencing training problems with your horse at the moment, or you want to prevent having problems, I’m sure this episode will be valuable to you!

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4 thoughts on “[Podcast episode #4]: 5 main causes of training problems

By Sonja on 19 March 2019

Thank you very interessant

By Joke on 20 March 2019

Thank you Karin for the very useful and interesting information!

By Simonne on 20 March 2019

Yes, Karine, I recognize myself in this podcast : I’m still too serious when I interact with my horses and also too serious in life. So, thanks for reminding me .

By Karine on 24 March 2019

Hello Simonne, before you told me already you would like to be able to “play” more with your horses, but you don’t have to force that. If you are not a “playful” person (yet), don’t force yourself to play. Joy can be found in lots of other things as well, like en”joy”ing the sunset, en”joy”ing a walk together, en”joy”ing grazing together. Try to be present (be here and now) and you will start to feel joy in the simplicity of the moment. From that place, you can start to find other activities that both you and your horse like too. And often people then start to find their inner child again and start to feel more playful. Give it time, don’t force it, those things must be “developed” first for some people. If you force it, it doesn’t feel playful or joyful, but unnatural. So don’t worry, start with being present en enjoying simple things. Than the rest will follow automatically!

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