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1 on 1 Live Video Coaching

1 on 1 Live Video Coaching gives you the opportunity to be coached by me, wherever you are in the world.

Possible goals of these live coaching sessions:
one-on-one-lessons-horseback-riding– You want to train your horse according the Horsefulness Training philosophy but there is no possibility to have a Horsefulness Instructor Trainer at your place.
– You need an expert to give you advice on a problem you are struggling with: what can be the reason and what are the steps to take so you can solve it and help your horse?
– You want to know if your body language is correct and want to get advice and tips on that.
You need feedback on your groundwork, work in hand, riding, …
– You have questions about your horse that you would like to ask me live and one on one
– You would like to receive a training schedule for the next weeks/months,…
– ….

This is available per session or you can order a series of 5 lessons (you get a discount)


This is how it works:

1. You order your single lesson or series of 5 lessons on this page.
2. You send me your video (max 30 minutes) within the week of your payment together with
an email in which you:
– explain to me what your video is about.
– let me know what your goal of the coaching session is.
– write down the questions you want me to answer.
3. I will answer your email and make an appointment for the live coaching session.
4. Within 7 days I deeply study your video.
5. We meet live on the internet so I can give you my advice and feedback on it.
6. I give you a customized training schedule that you can follow at home, so you know exactly which steps to take next to be able to reach your goals with your horse!


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